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There’s more to us than just selling something beautiful.

kcud slim pedal pail white

Why Our Products Are Amazing

Hailing from the cultural haven of Japan, our handpicked selection boasts award-winning gems that embody the epitome of quality and innovation.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to meticulous quality control, guided by robust SOP.


This dedication to perfection is ingrained in our ethos, promising our customers a journey of unparalleled satisfaction with every purchase. 

Don't Be Basic

Don’t settle for the pedestrian choices favored by the average Singaporean shopper; immerse yourself in a realm of unique and avant-garde selections that defy the ordinary.

Our curated collection beckons those who dare to be different, urging you to step away from the familiar and venture into uncharted retail territory.

Elevate Your Home

Let it reflect not just your style but a narrative of refined taste and unparalleled comfort.


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kcud slim pedal pail white


What we sell

Only the most exclusive, timeless crafts of Japan-made splendor.

Committed to only selling the best Japanese products.
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Satisfied Customers
Amanda Lim
For Home
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Love the Interior Bag m, sturdy unlike your everyday plastic bag, looks classy too.
Abby Sim
Read More
Absolutely in love with the Enots Minimal Chair! As a fellow designer, I appreciate the attention to detail and the sleek, minimalist design.
Buying for the Office
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KCUD Slim Pedal Pail Bin is nice. Classic and cool addition for my office
Read More
Bew Rack is pretty unique, love the design
Product Awards
Just to name a few.
Good Design Award 2004
Good Design Award 2004 - kcud Slim Pedal Pail
Good Design Award 2011
Good Design Award 2011 - RETTO High Chair & TAOG Slim Tissue Case
Good Design Award 2015
Good Design Award 2015 - ENOTS Minimal Chair
Japan Interior Designers' Award 2016 - ENOTS Minimal Chair
reddot award 2017 winner
Red Dot Design Award 2017 - ENOTS Minimal Chair
JID Award 2018
Japan Interior Designers' Award 2018 - RETTO A Line Chair
R (2)
Good Design Award 2018 - RETTO A Line Chair
Good Design Award 2020
Good Design Award 2020 - ENOTS Interior Bag
JID Award 2018
JID Award 2018 - RETTO A Line Chair
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