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  • Cover can be washed in your washing machine at home
  • The translucent body allows you to check the amount of hot water as you add it
  • Great as a gift or as a travel companion when you travel to colder countries

Ecowarmer, warm and kind to people and the earth. A warmer made of smooth natural materials.

An eco-warmer that is kind to people and the earth, just add hot water to use it.

The smooth-touch cover is made of special Japanese paper thread (CURETEX®), and has excellent deodorizing, moisture control, and antibacterial properties, making it comfortable to use at all times.

It is small and easy to handle, so it can be used in a variety of situations, such as on the stomach, waist, and feet.

The cover is an earthy color that blends in with any interior design, giving you a sense of nature such as the ocean, forest, and earth.


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Size: (Approx).Width 22 x Depth 17.5 x Height 8 (cm)
Weight: Around 0.23kg
Material:[Body, Cap] Polypropylene
[packing] Synthetic rubber
[Cover] Cotton, unclassified fiber (Japanese paper thread <CURETEX®>)
Heatproof Temperature:[Body] 110℃
[Cap] 120℃


To prevent low-temperature burns


1. Avoid direct skin contact.
There is a risk of low-temperature burns even if the product is placed in the included cover. Be sure not to use it in direct contact with your skin.

2.Be sure to take it out of your bed before going to bed.
If you leave it in your bed, it may come into contact with you when you turn over in bed.

3. In particular, when the following people use this product, those around them should be careful.
〇 Infants, children, the elderly, and those receiving medical treatment 〇 Those with handicaps 〇 Those with sensitive skin 〇 Those with severe fatigue 〇 Those who have consumed alcohol 〇 Those who have taken drugs that induce drowsiness (sleeping pills, cold medicine, etc.)


About low-temperature burnsEven at relatively low temperatures of 40℃ to 50℃, if the same area of ​​skin is exposed for a long time, red spots and blisters may form, resulting in low-temperature burns. In the event of low-temperature burns, please consult a specialist immediately.



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