KCUD Slim Pedal Pail #20

KCUD Slim Pedal Pail #20

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  • Won’t dirty your hands and the lid fits snugly against odors
  • Slim body, with multiple colors available
  • Does not take up much space
  • There are caster wheels at the bottom for easy movement

It has a slim and simple design that does not take up much space even when used alone or when two or more are placed side by side.


You can set one large plastic bag, or set two plastic bags for separate use.

The large bag stopper makes it easier to attach the bag.


Just press the COVER pedal to open the lid comfortably. When you release the pedal, the lid closes securely, eliminating the smell of garbage. The top surface is flat, so you can safely place small items on it if required.



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Size: (approx).Width 21 x Depth 33 x Height 47 (cm)
Weight:Around 1.6kg
Compatible plastic bags:20 L (50 x 60 cm) or larger or
2 plastic bags with handles L size (30 x 55 cm) or larger
Material:[Body, lid, bag stopper, casters] polypropylene
[petals, rod] ABS resin
[Casters – outer periphery] olefin elastomer, styrene elastomer, polyethylene
[Handle] olefin elastomer, styrene elastomer, polyethylene



Comes with caster wheels for easy movement when you want to shift it around, and when cleaning.



Pedal is wide and easy to step on, and it has a friendly design that does not protrude from the entire surface, so it does not get in the way of your feet.



Opens more than 90 degrees without pressing the SMOOTH pedal, making it easy to set the plastic bag. Also, the large opening and sloped shape make it easier to pull out the plastic bag.



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White, Black, Red, Brown

Exclusive and Extravagant

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