RETTO Comfort Chair

RETTO Comfort Chair



  • Functional structure, suitable for the elderly and pregnant women
  • Attach the shower head holder(sold seperately) for convenient bathing while seated

The perfect height and wide seat offers you a more comfortable bath.

The wide, curved seat is comfortable to sit on, and the simple shape makes it easy to clean.

It is safe and secure for seniors and pregnant women as it allows you to sit comfortably.


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Size: (approx). Width 43.4 x Depth 31 x Height 36  (cm)
Seat Height: About 31 cm
Weight Resistance:About 100kg
Material:[Main Body] Polypropylene
[Chair Leg] Aluminum
[Non-slip Foot Pad] Polyethylene
Heatproof Temperature:Polypropylene/100℃



Handling Precautions

1. Please be careful not to sit too close to the edge of the seat as you may slip off and fall.

2. When sitting or standing up, do not tilt your upper body too far to the left or right, or place your hands on only one side of the seat and do not put your weight on it.

3. Do not use in the sauna.

4. If used on soft floors, there is a risk of damaging the floor surface.

5. Do not use it for any other purpose, such as a step stool.

6. Do not place near fire or in direct sunlight. Doing so may cause deformation or deterioration of the chair.

7. Do not pour boiling water on it.

8. Bathroom detergents, mold removers, shampoos, conditioners, makeup removers, etc. may contain ingredients that degrade plastic. After use, rinse with plenty of water so that no detergent remains.

9. Polishing with a scrubbing brush or polishing powder may cause scratches.



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