KCUD Round Lock

KCUD Round Lock

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  • Sealed snap cover to prevent odors from escaping
  • Sealing strip inside the lid to enhance deodorization
  • Easy to wash with removable lid

Introducing a new trash can to the Kudo series!

A perfect multi-use circular lock designed by Sumie Noda with h concept.

kcud Round lock firmly locks without giving off any odors. The lid with gasket and lock prevents odors from leaking.


The inside of the bottom is curved for ease of cleaning, and the lid and gasket can be removed.

It also comes with a bag stopper that makes it easy to set garbage bags.

Not only can it be used for raw garbage, but also for empty bottles and cans that are prone to odors.


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Size: (approx).Width 25.1 x Depth 27.1 x Height 34.6 (cm)
Weight:About 0.72kg
Compatible plastic bags:Plastic bag with handle L size (30 x 55cm) or more
Material:[Main Body] Polypropylene
[Sealing Ring] Silicone



Handling Precautions:

1. Although it comes with a gasket, it is not a completely airtight container. If you knock it over, the liquid or contents may leak.

2. Do not open the lock more than necessary or apply strong force. It may become deformed or damaged.

3. Don’t use it as a stepping stone. It may fall or break, resulting in serious injury.

4. Do not place anything on the lid. The lid may become damaged and may not lock properly.

6. Do not place near fireplaces.




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